Negotiable Instruments Law [Sec. 171-177]


Sec. 171. Who may make payment for honor. – Where a bill has been protested for non-payment, any person may intervene and pay it supra protest for the honor of any person liable thereon or for the honor of the person for whose account it was drawn.

Sec. 172. Payment for honor; how made. – The payment for honor supra protest, in order to operate as such and not as a mere voluntary payment, must be attested by a notarial act of honor which may be appended to the protest or form an extension to it.

Sec. 173. Declaration before payment for honor. – The notarial act of honor must be founded on a declaration made by the payer for honor or by his agent in that behalf declaring his intention to pay the bill for honor and for whose honor he pays.

Sec. 174. Preference of parties offering to pay for honor. – Where two or more persons offer to pay a bill for the honor of different parties, the person whose payment will discharge most parties to the bill is to be given the preference.

Sec. 175. Effect on subsequent parties where bill is paid for honor. – Where a bill has been paid for honor, all parties subsequent to the party for whose honor it is paid are discharged but the payer for honor is subrogated for, and succeeds to, both the rights and duties of the holder as regards the party for whose honor he pays and all parties liable to the latter.

Sec. 176. Where holder refuses to receive payment supra protest. – Where the holder of a bill refuses to receive payment supra protest, he loses his right of recourse against any party who would have been discharged by such payment.

Sec. 177. Rights of payer for honor. – The payer for honor, on paying to the holder the amount of the bill and the notarial expenses incidental to its dishonor, is entitled to receive both the bill itself and the protest.


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